Sunday, 29 September 2013

Do let's "pray" for the perpetrators and victims of the Keynian mall massacre.

One of the most absurd reactions to the recent Muslim inspired Keynian mall massacre came from the Archbishop of Canterbury. He said we should pray for the victims and perpetrators of the crime. Fat lot of good that’ll do.

Much the most important factor limiting the extent of the massacre were the Keynian soldiers who put their life on the line rounding up the Muslims who perpetrated the massacre. People praying in the comfort of their homes or churches are an irrelevance. Plus the archbishop should ponder the fact that the massacre was perpetrated by his religious colleagues: Muslims. He should also ponder what proportion of massacres throughout history have been caused by religion.

He should also ponder the fact that perpetrators of the Keynian massacre gouged out the eyes of innocent civilians and used other equally brutal methods to torture those civilians to death. Religious folk whether they are choir boy shagging Christian priests or depraved Muslim torture specialists really do set us an example, don’t they?

As to those prayers that the Archbishop advocates, why don’t we test the “power of prayer” by having loads of people pray for the recovery of those in some local hospital somewhere in Britain? The relevant patients should then recover more quickly than those in other hospitals. But we all know they wouldn’t. It’s doctors, nurses and 21st century medical science that cures people, not prayers.

The Archbishop is entitled to his beliefs or delusions (take your pick). But he should leave the solving of real problems in the real world to those of us with a grip on reality.

Or to put it in plain English, the Archbishop should belt up and mumble his prayers out of sight and earshot of the rest of us.

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